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Steam Sauna

What Are the Benefits of a Steam Sauna?


Come try the private steam saunas at i-float spa.

The sauna uses steam to soothe and heat you. This serves to increase circulation and open your pores to allow for gentle cleansing of your skin.

Additionally, the sauna is equipped with LED lights to help skin tone and SAD-seasonal affected disorder. 


Ozone Sauna






Hydrate – Its best to be hydrated before your treatment. Drink water, non-sugary sports drinks, or coconut water. Do not drink too much to avoid needing to use the bathroom during your session.

Clothing – After being oriented, you will have time to undress and get into the steam sauna without clothes. It is best to expose as much skin surface area to the steam as possible. You do not need to bring any special clothing for your Steam Sauna.

If you are fall under ANY of the following conditions, we DO NOT recommend booking a Steam Sauna session:

  1. Known heart conditions (recent heart attack, blockages, heart failure)
  2. Extremely high or low blood pressure or taking blood pressure medications.
  3. Low blood sugar
  4. Fever
  5. Heat insensitivity
  6. Pregnant
  7. Bleeding tendencies – e.g., Hemophiliacs
  8. Menstruating
  9. Hyperthyroidism
  10. Favism or Hemolytic anemia
  11. Organ transplant patient
  12. Epilepsy
  13. Electrical implants
  14. Under the age of 12 or over the age of 80



A full session lasts 30 minutes. When the session begins, it will take 2-5 minutes for it to reach its full heat. A staff member will be present to check on you during your session to see if you need any assistance or need to reduce the temperature. 

When you enter the sauna, a towel will be placed on the seat to absorb perspiration during your session, and one around your neck area to minimize steam from escaping during the session.

If at any point you are feeling uncomfortable or too hot, please let us know when we come by the room to check on your session or we have a monitor at front desk so we can communicate during your sauna session.  It is important to listen to your body and not overdo it.

Feel free to ask us for tips on how to improve your sauna experience.



Drink lots of water post-session. We do offer Ocean sourced Aussie Trace Minerals that you can add to your water to help replace the minerals that are excreted during your sauna experience.  It is recommended to drink room temperature water.

After exiting the sauna, please use the provided towel to wipe any excess perspiration off your body before changing back into your clothes.


                                                                                              OXYGEN MASKS

Enjoy a fresh supply of pure oxygen throughout your steam sauna session by purchasing an oxygen mask at i-float front desk.  Keep the mask with you and bring your mask for subsequent steam sauna sessions. Masks are priced at $10 each.