Prices | i-Float in the county


1-Hour Float: $79.10 plus HST

One float session includes sixty minutes in the float pod along with time before and after to shower.

We suggest spending no more than 5 minutes rinsing off before your float and saving 10 minutes for your post-float shower. 


Basic Monthly Float Membership: $55.00 plus HST 

3-month minimum commitment required for the monthly float membership. Each month you will receive a credit to redeem one float. 

Float credits rollover and never expire. Membership is shareable with friends and family. 

No cancellation notice required after the first three months.


3-Float Immune Booster Package: $176.28 plus HST

Support your immune system through the relaxation of float therapy.

Our top-of-the-line float tanks offer a safe and sanitary escape from the stress around us. 

3 Floats to Use Whenever You Like.

No Expiry. 


4-Float Membership: $209.50 plus HST

Frequent use of flotation as a therapeutic practice has incredible benefits for healing. 

Unused floats rollover with no expiry!

No Term Required. Cancel anytime. 


8-Float Avid Floater & Family Package: $384.20 plus HST

8 Floats Per Month for our avid floaters and families. 

Unused credits roll over with no expiry!

No term required. Cancel anytime. 



30-Minute Ozone Sauna: $69.00 plus HST

30-minutes to relax and recharge with our ozone sauna. Learn more about it here.


Ozone Sauna Membership: $110.00 plus HST

2 x 30-minute ozone sauna sessions per month. 

Unused credits roll over with no expiry. 

Cancel anytime. 


Ozone Sauna 3-Pack: $180.00 plus HST

3 x 30-minute ozone sauna session credits. Can be used at anytime and no expiry. 


Ozone Sauna 10-Pack: $486.73 plus HST

10 x 30-minute ozone sauna session credits. Can be used at anytime and no expiry.